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Northern Valley Regional High School has articulated with several colleges and universities, including Seton Hall University, NJIT, FDU and Bergen Community College, to allow for certain high school courses to be cross-listed with college level courses in a dual-enrollment format.

In reviewing Northern Valley’s courses, curricula and instructors, the post-secondary institution has certified that the course work and rigor match those of college level courses. By engaging in this process with partner institutions, Northern Valley’s curriculum office, supervisors and teachers may develop coursework most appropriate to support the college readiness of all our students.

In addition, 11th and 12th grade students have the option to earn college credit by enrolling simultaneously through the college or university for the course being taught at the high school.

While enrollment in the college-level course is optional, there are several potential benefits to consider: students have an opportunity to challenge themselves and demonstrate success in college-level courses, college credits are available to families at a substantially reduced rate and college credits may be transferable once a student is admitted to college.

Course requirements are identical for every student enrolled in these approved high school courses regardless of whether a student elects to enroll in the college course. Also, all high school courses approved for dual enrollment will be noted as such on the high school transcript regardless. 

It is impossible to predict which colleges will accept which credits for what value as this can vary from university to university, department to department and year to year.  Both AP scores and college credits of a transcript remain in tact.

Having AP scores and Dual Enrollment both give the student options.  And arguably, the credits will never cost less.  The best thing to do is research each college.  Many times the information is on the school's website, but it is also a perfectly good topic to bring up by the phone, email or in an information session.  So many students are taking at least one AP course these days that colleges usually have their policies defined.  Dual enrollment courses have become popular as well.

For dual enrollment, we list the notation on the transcript that it is approved for credit.  It is your choice.  The only thing is that it cannot be applied retroactively.

The following overview of courses are approved for college credit.  Courses, costs and teachers are approved through partner universities.

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Open Dual Enrollment Registration by School for 2021-2022 School Year :

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