Welcome To Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest!

Northern Valley Demarest provides our students with comprehensive education, nationally recognized for excellence.   Our far-reaching programs extend learning beyond student mastery of course content. As a result, our students have 21st-century skills and a mindset that will lead them to achieve success and good health long after their K-12 careers. In a world with the rapid growth of artificial intelligence and globalization, our students embrace and transcend change and progress.  

We expect our students to demonstrate a strong character that exemplifies acceptance, respect, integrity, responsibility, and leadership. Also, our students persevere. Through their efforts, they will develop resilience and the ability to self-advocate. In addition, students are taught the importance of compassion, fraternity, communication, and collaboration, among many other skills.  

We are proud of Northern Valley Demarest’s continued leadership in providing exceptionally innovative education to our students. Our collective team of esteemed educators invests in our mission. We work to establish a school community where our students will challenge the status quo and accept others despite perceived differences.  

I wish our students a tremendous high school career full of accomplishments and happiness.

Best Regards,
Timothy Gouraige, Ed.D.

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