1) How long are Sports Physicals valid?

 Sports Physicals require a medical examination by a licensed health care provider that must be done within 365 days of the first day of the start of the season in which your child will participate.

There are three sports season in a school calendar year, Fall, Winter and Spring. See the Athletic Department webpage to determine which season your child will be participating in.

No student can practice or play in any interscholastic sport without a current physical, which has been co-signed by our School Physician. For each sport played during the year, Sport Registration must be completed by a parent and the athlete in Genesis parent portal.

The physical form should only be filled out ONCE per year by the student's doctor. If the physical date has note expired, the one on file in our office is all you need for subsequent sports participated in within that year.

2) How do I obtain an insurance form for a school injury?
If your child is injured during an interscholastic sport the Coach who was present when the injury occurred must fill out an accident report and submit it to the school nurse. The nurse will then mail out the insurance claim form to the parent / guardian.

3) What happens if my child feels ill in school?
Students should obtain a pass from the teacher in the class they are currently in or from their next class if it is between periods. The school nurse will contact a parent before the student is excused from school.

4) Can my 18 year old sign him/herself out?
If you know that they will be leaving early, send them in with a note, which they should bring to the Attendance Office first thing in the morning. If they become ill during the course of the school day, they are to report to the Health Office, where a parent must be reached for permission to leave early.
note: If a student drives to school, the school nurse will determine if the student is capable of driving home from school when sick, and if so, parent/ guardian permission must be obtained prior to being excused from school. Parents will be notified and there may be a possibility the student will have to leave their car at school and will need to be picked up. 

5) What do I need to do if my child has a Doctor's appointment during the school day?
Early dismissal notes for medical reasons are brought to the Attendance Office first thing in the morning. note: Please indicate if your child is returning to school or not. If they are returning, they need to check back in with attendance before proceeding to class. It is the student's responsibility to meet the parent at the designated time. The student will not be called out of class.

6) What do I need to do for my child to have medication given in school?
Medication can only be given with physician and parental written permission. See online forms. A small unopened labeled bottle must be provided. Taking medication in any area other than the Health Office is not permitted.

7) What do I need to do if my child can not participate in physical education class?
Gym excuses are given out by the school nurse with a parent note (for no more than 3 days) or a doctor's note (must have a specific return date). note: Only 3 parent notes are permitted per marking period. The student must change into gym clothes and observe class unless the parent requests "not to change".

8) What do I need if my child requires the use of crutches in school?
You will need a note from the doctor. Your child will then be issued a pass allowing him/her to leave each class a few minutes early and permission to use elevator while using crutches.

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