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“Return to Play Guidelines” – Fall Sports Regular Season

Northern Valley-Demarest Regional High School, in accordance with Guidelines from the NJSIAA, has developed the following “Return to Play” Protocols and Procedures for Fall Sports

Important Reminders:

1. Student-athletes who presently have COVID-19, or who have tested positive for COVID-19, shall provide clearance from a physician before he/she will be permitted to participate in NVD athletics.

2. Student-athletes who have pre-existing medical conditions and/or are immunocompromised (e.g., diabetes, asthma, auto-immune disorders, etc.) shall provide clearance from a physician before he/she will be permitted to participate in workouts/tryouts/practices.

3. A daily COVID-19 form must be completed EVERY DAY.  Any athlete that does not have a COVID-19 Daily Entry Form with them will not be permitted to participate in any workouts, games, scrimmages etc.   

4. If you have any questions regarding Covid-19 as it relates to athletics, please contact the Head Coach of the Sport and/or our Athletic Director Michael Oppido 201-768-3200 ext. 24370.  In addition, feel free to also contact Athletic Secretary Karen Ayvaliotis at ext. 13290 or the School Nurse Lesly Cabrera or our Athletic Trainer Brad Foley.

5. We will make every attempt to have an Athletic Trainer at all NVD on campus district sanctioned practices and events.  They will handle and respond to the routine treatment and care of student-athletes who may be injured during workouts, including both on the field and in the training room.  When a trainer is not available, coaches will assume these responsibilities as they have done so in the past.



1. Pre-Screening

  1. Coaches will work together to conduct DAILY pre-screening of all participants which will include a temperature reading. Our athletic trainer will assist whenever possible.
  2. We recommend staggered arrival, workout and departure times of student-athletes. Sub varsity should let varsity programs get cleared first. All pre-screening will take place in the back student parking lot or at designated pre-entry to school screening locations throughout our campus.Students must maintain at least 6 feet from all other participants.Face coverings are required.Students must bring their own labeled water bottles. Coaches will provide specific information regarding exact dates, times, locations etc.
  3. Each day all coaches, student-athletes, and staff must clear the pre-screening process before they are permitted to participate in the workouts. All must submit a daily pre-screening form.
  4. Parents/Guardians must remain in the campus parking lot until the student clears the screening process.
  5. The pre-screening process will consist of a review of the DAILY pre-screening form, which shall be completed and provided to designated school personnel, and a temperature check. Please take students temperature prior to departing for school; if it is above 100.00F please keep participant at HOME.Any individual who answers “yes” to any question on the questionnaire, or who has a temperature greater than 100.00°F, shall not be permitted to participate in the workout and shall be required to return home.
  6. Any Individual who answers “yes” to any question on the questionnaire and/or has a temperature of 100.00 F or higher shall also be required to provide clearance from a physician before they will be permitted to resume participation in the workouts.

2. Workouts

  1. Workouts shall be no more than 2 hours and 30 minutes in duration and shall include a ten (10) minute warm-up, and a ten (10) minute cool down. A maximum of one workout a day is permitted and will only allow a maximum of 6 workouts per week. NOTE: many teams will also have virtual film sessions/team meetings; this is in addition to the workout.
  2. All outdoor sports workouts shall take place outside. NO INDOOR WORKOUTS ARE PERMITTED.
  3. Only one workout per day is permitted and there must be one (1) day of rest per every seven (7) days.
  4. WEIGHT TRAINING in the weight room will be allowed to take place during the fall season. If it does occur, Weight Training shall be limited to body weight, sub-maximal lifts and the use of resistance bands.Maximum lifts should be limited and power cages must be used for squats and bench presses. Weight Room touch points must be cleaned both before and after team use and also each piece of equipment after each individual’s use. NO MORE THAN 15 ATHLETES MAY BE IN THE WEIGHT ROOM AT THE SAME TIME.
  5. Access to ALL workouts must be limited to student-athletes, coaches, and appropriate school personnel.
  6. Coaches should have pre-drawn structured workouts for the duration of the session.
  7. Workouts shall always comply with the NJSIAA Heat Participation Policy.
  9. If there is thunder/lightning, parents must return to campus immediately to pick up their child. If a field needs to be evacuated due to thunder/lightning, students must wear face coverings and they will be moved to the back gymnasium, either cafeteria or lobby areas keeping to social distancing as best as possible.
  10. If air temperature is above 90 degrees and/or there is a strong likelihood to be thunderstorm activity during the scheduled workout period, the workout will be canceled.Please check weather forecasts before departing for NVD.
  11. Practices will begin at 3:00 PM. NO earlier practices will be allowed. If a Student-athlete requires extra help or needs academic assistance then they shall be excused by the Coach to attend practice between 3:15 and 3:30 PM.

3. Face Coverings

  1. Student-athletes who are engaged in high-intensity aerobic activity, e.g., running, sprinting, etc., do not need to wear face coverings during the period of the aerobic activity. Once the aerobic activity is over, student-athletes shall wear face coverings. Students must wear face coverings upon arrival and during the pre-screening process. As soon as the workout is over, students should wear their face coverings and depart campus.They must practice social distancing.
  2. Student-athletes who are not engaged in high-intensity aerobic activity, e.g., sitting on the bench, reviewing plays, watching videos, waiting in line, etc., must wear face coverings.
  3. Coaches and district personnel must wear face coverings at all times.

4. Sports Equipment

  1. Sports equipment such as eyewear, helmets, shoulder pads, goggles, headbands, pinnies shall not be shared at any time. Balls may be shared.Balls can be dribbled, passed, caught, thrown, punted, handed off, kicked WITHIN THEIR TEAMS ONLY. Personal equipment like sticks, rackets, goalie equipment, uniforms, shin guards etc. may be used, but MUST not be shared.
  2. Each student-athlete shall bring individual water bottles to each workout for his/her own personal consumption. There shall not be any trading or sharing of water bottles. ATHLETES MUST BRING THEIR OWN LABELED WATER BOTTLES.AT LEAST 64 OUNCES OF WATER IS RECOMMENDED FOR EACH WORKOUT SESSSION/ATHLETIC EVENT.
  3. All sports equipment and touchpoints (e.g., benches, agility cones, ladders, clipboards, etc.) must be cleaned and disinfected after each workout with EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants against COVID-19. Balls should be routinely cleaned/disinfected.

5. Locker Rooms/Restrooms – NO Locker Rooms PERMITTED

  1. Student-athletes shall not have access to locker rooms at any time unless needed for extenuating circumstances.
  2. Restrooms shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly with EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants against COVID-19.
  3. Restrooms use shall be limited to two people at a time.
  4. To the fullest extent possible, appropriate social distancing shall be maintained, and face coverings are worn when more than one student-athlete is in the restroom.
  5. We will utilize the restrooms located on the south side rear entrance of the building or one of the eight Port-a-Johns located around the Turf Field and campus.

7. Hygiene

  1. Students and staff should make every effort to wash their hands as often as possible including before and after the workout.
  2. Hand sanitizer shall be accessible at all times. We have provided pole hand sanitizers all around the Turf Field and campus.
  3. Student-athletes will come prepared for practices and games. Student-athletes shall wear their workout gear to the workout and shall return home in the same workout gear. The workout gear needs to be washed EVERY day to prevent the build up or spreading of germs.
  4. There shall be no spitting, chewing seeds or gum during the workout.



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