Gifted and Talented

Valley Interdisciplinary Approach (VIA) - 9th Grade
  • a one day field trip to Norwood Public School that will provide a
    challenge activity in groups. Students will work with peers ranging grades 7-9 from NVD, NVOT and the 7 sending districts.
Problem Solving & Challenge Activities - 10th - 12th Grade
  • similar to VIA, but for grades 10-12 and just NVD students. Four challenge activities will take place during lunch during the winter months.
Governor's School - 11th Grade
  • selected students may apply for positions in NJ Governor's School, a one month experience in a variety of fields during the summer.
Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Foundation Seminar - 10th Grade
  • one sophomore will represent NV at the NJ HOBY seminar. Students
    need to demonstrate leadership characteristics and be recommended from the Guidance Dept.

For most of our activities, students are identified or recommended by teachers, counselors or selected based on class rank and GPA. If selected, students may apply for positions in school, local or state run organizations that provide valuable experiences. To learn more about individual opportunities, email Mr. Ives at