Foods Club

Foods Club FAQ's

What we're about:
Cooking and Eating

What kind of food:
Each meeting we follow a theme. In past years, the cooking themes have included food-on-a-stick day, breakfast eats, pizza-fest, international noodle day, and mock-tail parties

How often do we meet?
About once a month

How can you join?
Fill out a form (Located on the door of B105) and give it to Ms. Goebel, the Foods teacher and Foods club advisor

Do I have to be in foods class to join the foods club
No. the club is open to all.

How is club credit awarded?
Students who are paid up and have attended at least 60% of the meetings in a given year are awarded club credit

Where can I get more information about the club?
Email Ms. Goebel at
Or talk to one of our officers:
Emma Fortunado
Ryan Accardo
Noah _____