Volleyball (girls)


Northern Valley is a member of the National Federation of High School Sports - we have to follow the guidelines put out by them.  We then have to be within the NJSIAA guidelines for high school sports and finally Northern Valley guidelines.

Girls Volleyball - Season 3

Girls Volleyball will start practice on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.  Regular season competition will begin Wednesday, March 3, 2021 and end on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.  NJSIAA will host post-season competition from Thursday, April 15, 2021 through Saturday, April 24, 2021.

I hope this information is clear and it helps.  If you have any questions please ask.

Coach Powell, Coach K2 and Coach K

**There are virtual volleyball camps being posted online; check into the colleges you are interested in and see what they are offering.  Also, there is plenty of free instruction on Instagram and YouTube.  Spend some time increasing your knowledge of the game.  Keep working out; our season is just around the corner!!

 Volleyball/Sports update

The Governor's announcement providing a start date of June 22 for youth sports was not intended for High School Athletics. High School Athletics can not do anything until after June 30. At that time we will have an update on what the restrictions will look like and an official date for teams to have summer workouts. Initial reports are saying no more than 10 people, taking the temperature of athletes prior to the workout, no contact, balls must be sanitized, no use of locker rooms, no use of the school...we will know more after June 30th. 

All summer dates, preseason dates and camp dates are tentative. This page will be updated as soon as we have any information. There are virtual volleyball camps being posted online -check in to the colleges you are interested in and see what they are offering.  Also, there is plenty of free instruction on instagram and Youtube.  Spend some time increasing your knowledge of the game. Keep working out-our season is just around the corner!!


   Please keep checking this site for updated                                  information

Demarest Volleyball 2020
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Coaches- Beth Powell bethpowell@optonline.net
Brittany Kohler Kohlerb@nvnet.org
Star Kontogiannis skontogianni@nmpsd.org

Fall volleyball tryouts are Monday 8/17 (8:30am - 12 noon) through Saturday 8/22.

Regular practices for all levels will begin on Monday 8/25 and will be every day, including most Saturdays, except Sundays for the remainder of the season.

Each team will set their own Labor day weekend practices.

Please have your physicals and paperwork completed online by 7/1/20 through Infosnap.

Open gym will begin on 6/25/20 in the south gym. It will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the month of July-3:30-5 for sub varstiy and 4:30-6:30 for older experienced players.

NVRHS blackout week is 8/1 through 8/9.

Golden Knights Volleyball Camp is good for incoming 9th graders; email coach for flyer at bethpowell@optonline.net.  


If you are looking for camps or clinics - see if one of the colleges you are interested in has a camp. It is a good opportunity to spend time at the school and see if you would like it. It also gives the coach at the school a chance to see you play.

Nike runs good camps at various college campuses. A good local camp is Runge Volleyball Camp.

Playing at the next level....

Get started on contacting colleges NOW... sophomore year is a good time - it's never too early to start!

“The biggest thing is to get out there,” . “There are so many kids that have the dream and the goal to get to the next level. Realistically, not everyone is a Division One player, but there are other levels that play as well. It is important to be honest with yourself and realistic. Research as many schools as you can and get to Camps. Focus on your business in the classroom to make yourself more attractive to the schools."

-Work on your grades first-they matter to EVERY school

-Make sure you like the school aside from the volleyball aspect

-Be your own advocate, email, send video, let the coach know you are truly interested

-Know the program and the school- look at their websites

-If you play club send your club schedule NOW

Believe in yourself-you are good and you can play!


  • Please look up the Finnish word "SISU" and think about what it means to you currently and how it can help  you become a stronger individual and a better competitor
  • Keep working out and playing volleyball as much as you can - be creative, pass to yourself, swing against a wall, etc.
  • Watch matches on YouTube and listen to the commentator's feedback - great place to learn more about positioning yourself, strategy etc.

See the Norsemen's Full Game Schedule and Get Driving Directions to Schools on highschoolsports.net

"My whole life , my dream was to be part of something special.
I never had any interest in being a star.
I just wanted to play on a great team." - Bill Walton

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