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Social Studies Department

Daniel Austin, District Supervisor

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”  

-T. Roosevelt

“Study the past if you would define the future.” 


All students must take the following courses as graduation requirements: 


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  • Grade 9 United States History I   

  • Grade 10 United States History II

  • Grade 11 World History

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  • All of these courses are taught at three levels.  Honors or Advanced Placement, College Prep Enriched and College Prep.  

  • Additionally we offer an ESL History version of each course to assist students with limited language skills.

  • Beginning in grade 10 and continuing into the upper class years we offer students the option of taking elective courses in a wide variety of Social Studies fields.

  • Semester elective classes include:

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  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Crimes of the Century

  • World History in Film

  • American Studies

  • Constitutional Law/Street Law

  • Sport in History

  • History of the U.S. through Film and Media

Full year elective classes include:

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  • Economics

  • AP Microeconomics

  • AP Macroeconomics

  • AP European History

  • AP Government and Politics

  • AP Psychology

  • AP Human Geography


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Northern Valley Regional High School District Social Studies Department 


United States History I Honors 2021-2022

All incoming 9th grade USI honors students must read and complete the following: 

AMSCO Chapter reading “A New World of Many Cultures, 1491-1607.” 

Primary Source “The Jesuit Relations (1634) 

Click link below to access summer reading and assignment for USI Honors.

  1. Hover over link

  2. Go to Hyperlink

  3. Open Hyperlink Link

  4. Once your document opens you can download and print. 


This summer assignment is to prepare students for the rigors of AP and further develop important literacy skills. The assignment requires students to actively read and closely analyze the questions and primary sources. 

Students are to complete the guided reading questions and fill out detailed information. Students are expected to have the assignment completed by the first week of school in order to prepare for the teacher created assessment.  It is also important for students to maintain this summer assignment in order to prepare them for AP World History during their junior year. 

Students can access the assignment by clicking the link above.

Students can pick up hard copies in the high school guidance office or from the supervisor over the summer.

Students can access the summer assignment on the school web site.

Students can also pick up assignment for their Middle School. 

During the summer if you have any questions about the USI Honors summer assignment contact the Social Studies teachers or District Supervisor. 

Dan Austin-

US I Honors students attending Demarest

Jennifer Glick-

USI Honors students attending Old Tappan